Healthy Aging Capsules

60 capsules

Unlock ageless vitality with our meticulously crafted Mediterranean anti-aging blend. Harnessing the potency of plant-derived resveratrol and red wine extract, these clinically-backed capsules are your key to supporting healthy aging and cellular vibrancy.


  • High Purity Resveratrol
  • Additional Red Wine Extract
  • Made with Plant Derived Resveratrol
  • Clinically Backed Dose (500mg)
  • Offers Targeted Longevity Effects

Take 2 capsules daily preferably with a meal.






Made With

Improves blood vessel function, reduces oxidative stress, and decreases inflammation, which all help reduce the risk of heart disease.
Has antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects, which help in preventing the development and progression of certain types of cancer cells.
Design that showcases zoefull's resveratrol supplement  made of these mediterranean super ingredients: trans-resveratrol and red wine extract. It says that it contains the optimal dose of 500mg of highly pure resveratrol.
Comparison image comparing a dose of zoefull's resveratrol capsule supplement with a glass of red wine that also contains resveratrol. With zoefull you get 500mg and with a glass of read wine 1mg.

Better Than Traditional Consumption.

Red Wine is a staple of the Mediterranean wellness routine. However, a glass of red wine only contains 1mg of Resveratrol and decades of very low non-toxic consumption of red wine need to accumulate before you see any benefits. That’s why we encapsulated 500mg of pure Resveratrol per dose, allowing you to obtain all the health benefits immediately without experiencing the toxic effects of alcohol.

“Tradition, Vitality and the Essence of the Mediterranean Spirit Without the Alcohol.”