Wild Olive Oil
Wild Olive Oil
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Wild Olive Oil
Wild Olive Oil
The supplement facts table of zoefull's wild olive oil.

Wild Olive Oil


Wild Olive Oil

30 servings

Experience nature's pinnacle of longevity with our medical-grade Wild Olive Oil. Hand-harvested from Lakonia's ancient wild trees, this elixir boasts an impressive 1865mg/kg polyphenol content, harnessing nature's strongest antioxidants. Sourced from uncultivated trees, this exclusive olive oil is a rarity, produced in limited quantities. With robust flavors, and a pungent finish, it encapsulates the very essence of vitality — more than a mere culinary delight, it's nature's ultimate longevity elixir.

  • Wild Variety
  • Early Harvest — October 2023
  • Hand Picked
  • Cold Pressed
  • Single Origin from Lakonia, Greece
  • Ultra High Phenolic — 1865+mg/kg
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested and Verified for Polyphenols
  • Consume Raw daily for Longevity
  • Limited Supply — No Mass Production

A spoonful (10ml) a day keeps the doctor away.

This olive oil is not intended for kitchen use, however, if you want to enjoy its fantastic taste with food, use it raw as a finishing oil or on cold dishes to preserve its health-promoting polyphenols.



3RD PARTY TESTED (NMR Spectroscopy)

GOLD AWARDED (Nutrition & Health)

18x Healthier than Supermartket Olive Oils.


Our Guarantee

The European Food Safety Authority allows a 'medical-grade' claim for Olive Oils with 250 mg/kg polyphenols. Experts urge a higher 500 mg/kg in polyphenol content to ensure optimal health benefits. Our Wild Olive Olive easily goes beyond this level, with an impressive 1865 mg/kg polyphenols, certified by the prestigious National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

How would you feel if a brand told you that their olive oil has that many polyphenols but there’s no real way for you would know? Many brands rely on HPLC, a very imprecise chemical method used to gauge polyphenol levels. Others might boast about better techniques, yet they fall short in transparency and real certification.

Here's where we differ. We use the ONLY accurate method for testing, NMR spectroscopy, and we test right at the heart of olive oil research in the reputable National Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece.

1865mg/kg — Record-breaking and Certified. What you see is what you get!

A remarkable gift from nature, backed by clinical studies.


The Product of Ancient trees.

We have granted special access to conserve and harvest the Wild Olive trees found in the uncultivated, harsh mountainous area of Lakonia. The result is a very limited quantity of potent Wild Olive Oil made from hyper—resilient ancient trees.

Made from the undying Olea Sylvestris variety.
"Let Food be thy Medicine, thy Medicine shall be thy Food, and let Olive Oil be the Elixir that ties the two Together." — Hippocrates

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our olive oil 'wild' is that it is sourced from olives grown on uncultivated olive trees known as Olea europaea var. sylvestris. The DNA of these trees exhibits greater genetic diversity compared to conventional cultivated olive tree varieties. The difference in genetic makeup enables them to thrive in harsh climates and rocky terrains which contributes to the uniqueness and fantastic health benefits of Wild Olive Oil.

Unlike their conventional cousins, wild olive trees grow in challenging environments, such as harsh climates and rocky terrains. These conditions stress the trees, prompting them to produce olives with higher levels of protective compounds in the form of healthy fats, antioxidants (polyphenols), and other bioactive substances. These compounds are beneficial to humans and are the health-contributing factors that we need.

The phenomenon in which stress compounds from plants benefit organisms who consume them is called xenohormesis.

Polyphenols are natural compounds found in plant-based foods, including olive oil. They act as strong antioxidants, protecting our bodies against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, giving them their anti-aging effects. In olive oil, polyphenols are responsible for its characteristic bitterness and pungency. More bitterness/pungency means higher polyphenols and thus more health benefits.

Absolutely! Our Wild Olive Oil will definitely enhance the flavor and health value of your dishes. Whether you're adding it to salads, dipping bread, or drizzling it over cooked foods, our Wild Olive Oil is a versatile companion in the kitchen. It is best enjoyed raw to preserve its exceptional taste and health-promoting polyphenols. Additionally, it acts as a fatty layer, aiding in the absorption of nutrients from your food. It will surely elevate your culinary creations to new heights!

While it is impossible to officially certify any wild olive oil as organic, all wild olive oils are technically 100% organic by nature. The reason is that wild olive trees grow freely in uncultivated nature without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. The specific requirements of organic certification organizations typically mandate cultivation under controlled environments, which is not applicable to wild olive trees.

Our early harvested young olives undergo cold extraction, a process that involves crushing them into a paste solely by mechanical means without the application of heat. This method helps preserve the delicate flavors, aromas, and nutritional properties of the olives, including the polyphenols. By avoiding the use of heat, we ensure that our Wild Olive Oil retains its full polyphenol content, delivering the health-promoting benefits associated with these compounds.