Super Polyphenols

Super Polyphenols

Olive Leaf Extract Capsules

60 capsules

Experience the vitality of nature's defenders, encapsulated for your journey to enhanced resilience. This ultra-antioxidant blend, sourced from 100% real olive leaves, incorporates two of the most potent polyphenols, Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol, for enhanced cellular protection and anti-inflammation.

  • High Potency Olive Leaf Extract
  • Made from 100% Real Olive Leaves
  • Pure Isolated Oleuropein
  • Pure Isolated Hydroxytyrosol
  • Offers the Strongest Antioxidant Action Available 

Take 2 capsules daily preferably with a meal.






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Olive leaves have long been revered in the Mediterranean for their natural healing and immune protective abilities. The polyphenols found on the olive leaves are proven for their antioxidant action as well as for their anti inflammatory properties.
Oleuropein is a unique-to-olive leaves polyphenol and it is the most abundant amongst the other polyphenols found in olive leaves. It is also found in the olive fruit but in very low quantities and therefore it is recommended to consume olive leaves along with olive oil to ensure a complete and comprehensive polyphenol profile intake. Oleuropein is praised for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Hydroxytyrosol is the second most abundant polyphenol found in the olive leaves. It is particularly praised for its exceptional abilities to combat oxidative stress and protect from various chronic diseases, as well as battle against daily toxins and stressors.
An image with zoefull's super polyphenol olive leaf extract supplement showing that it is made of these mediterranean super ingredients: oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol and real olive leaves. It says that this product is a high potency olive leaf extract.
A picture showcasing zoefull's super polyphenol supplement in front of olive trees.

Goodbye, Inflammation.

Olive leaves contain the strongest combination of inflammation—combatting antioxidant polyphenols. Our olive leaf extract delivers an ultra-high concentration of polyphenols isolated from real olive leaves, promising to protect you from inflammation, daily toxins, and chronic diseases.

"The Pinnacle of Mediterranean Health is Grown on Olive Trees."